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When a new home is being built or an existing house needs a replacement roof, many homeowners want their homes to have a modern style. While some aspects of home design, such as siding color and front door style, change as often as year to year, roofing trends do not come and go so quickly. However, there are some distinct styles of roofing materials available through Toledo roofers that property owners can choose to finish their homes with a modern touch.

Composition shingles are a natural choice for the variable weather that Ohio experiences. These shingles offer variety in both color and style. At the high end of the range, durable materials such as fiberglass and asphalt mixtures are used to create highly resistant and long lasting shingles. Some of the latest developments in shingle technology include the use of recycled materials, which makes them a more earth friendly option. Shingles in colors other than basic black, such as white, green and light brown, are also trending since they are more energy efficient and reflect more of the sun's rays back into the environment.

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Composition shingles can be walked upon, are easy to install and are one of the most affordable roofing options available.

Modern metal roofs are another up and coming style for residential roofing needs. Manufacturers have been able to create patterned styles of metal roofing that emulate that of shingles, cedar shakes and other materials. Newly built homes are often outfitted with metal roofs, as metal maintains a high level of energy efficiency as well as resistance to extreme weather conditions. Today's metal roofs are almost always made from recycled materials, and when a metal roof does wear out, it can be recycled again.

Slate tiles have endured the test of time. This roofing material is popular in Victorian neighborhoods as well as in historic districts. Slate roofing tiles can also be found on fancier homes as the material offers an incredible level of aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners with smaller, less ornate houses are choosing slate because of its durability and long lasting performance under icy and snowy conditions. However, a slate roof can be difficult to maintain and requires considerable expertise to install. Slate tiles are heavy, and not all homes have the structural capacity to hold up the weight of the material. In addition, slate tiles have a high upfront cost when compared to other trendy roof options.

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