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The value of a home's roof cannot be underestimated. It provides protection to the structure of the home as well as to the belongings stored inside the home. Having a roof collapse unexpectedly is a nightmare. In addition to the expense of repairing the roof, there is the expense that comes from replacing damaged possessions inside the home. Toledo roofers recommend that homeowners have regular maintenance and inspections done to their roof to prevent this type of catastrophe from happening. What are some circumstances that may lead to a roof collapse?

A damaged roof can collapse at any time. However, roof collapses are more common during the winter months and often result from an accumulation of snowfall. Just one cubic foot of snow weighs between 6 and 8 pounds. Snow that has been packed down or snow that is mixed with ice will weigh even more. The situation is even worse for flat roofs or roofs that have a low slope because they will accumulate more snow. There are warning signs a homeowner should look for that may indicate their roof is on the verge of a collapse.

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One of the warning signs of an eminent roof collapse is a sagging section of exterior shingles or of the ceiling inside the home. Serious and recurring water leakage may indicate that the roof structure has been damaged. Other signs homeowner should look for include cracking of the exterior masonry, deformities in the roof or its framing structure, and sprinkler heads that have dropped and now sit below the ceiling tiles.

A roofing structure that is on the verge of collapse will affect the way that framing structures inside the home operate. For example, doors or windows may be difficult to open and close, or they may open of their own accord. Pipes and conduits in the ceiling may bend under the weight of the snow as the roof loses its ability to support this weight.

If any of the above mentioned symptoms are seen, homeowners should contact a roofing professional immediately and have their roof inspected. A roofing professional can offer solutions that could save the roof and prevent its collapse.

Homeowners can take steps to protect the roof by keeping it free from debris, mold and algae. Regularly cleaning gutters, keeping downspouts free of debris and removing excessive snow from the roof can go a long way in protecting the roof and extending its life.

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