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In order to adequately care for a roofing system so that it functions properly across the whole of its lifespan, repair or replacement of the various components that make up the system should be completed in a timely fashion. While certain repairs may ultimately have to be performed by experienced Toledo roofers, homeowners still must be able to first identify the early warning signs indicating any developing issues. While broken or missing shingles ought to be easily identified without much effort, other types of damage are quite subtle and require the homeowner to commit to developing a keen eye.

The interior and exterior parts of the roof should be inspected regularly for signs of wear. An exterior inspection should include a check of the shingles, flashing, fascia, soffit and vents. Any broken or curling shingles should be replaced immediately, while shingles that show signs of bubbling may be left in place as long as there is no apparent granule loss. The flashing should be closely inspected as well, with the homeowner looking for any signs of rust or curling of the flashing material while also investigating the sealant around the flashing for any cracks or punctures.

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Cracked sealant or degraded flashing material should be removed and replaced as soon as possible to prevent water from leaking through to the underlayment and sheathing. The fascia, soffit and vents should all be similarly inspected for any signs of wear and then replaced as needed.

The interior roofing components should also be closely inspected from the attic space. The sheathing should not exhibit any sign of water damage, but in the event there is some indication that water has made it through the roofing system, it is vital that the source of the leak is identified and repaired as quickly as possible. Any punctures should be sealed so that no additional water can cause damage to the interior roofing components, and the presence of mold or mildew should lead the homeowner to consider additional ventilation options following removal. Outside of the attic space, the presence of water stains on the ceilings or rusty drywall nails or screws may be an indication that the interior roofing components are not functioning optimally and are allowing water to come into the home through the roofing system.

Being able to identify the initial signs of wear will allow the homeowner to take early action to prevent extensive and potentially costly damage. Regular inspections and awareness of the early warning signs are both important aspects of roof maintenance that should not be overlooked.

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