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It does not take a lot to claim to be a professional, but finding a contractor that has a reputation for excellent performance and quality customer service can sometimes be difficult. Homeowners should hire Toledo roofers that have both a professional attitude and appearance as well as exceptional job performance. Knowing the characteristics to look for when speaking with a roofing contractor is extremely important.

Perhaps the most important thing to know when speaking with a roofing contractor is whether they are licensed and properly credentialed in the particular state of the job. Each state or county has its own licensing requirements for construction contracting. True professionals are happy to provide this information upon request. Many will include their license number on business cards and letterhead. Offering contracting services without a proper license is against state law and should always be reported to the appropriate state agency.

Punctuality is another key factor when selecting a roofing contractor. Time is valuable for both the contractor and the property owner. If a meeting time is agreed upon by both parties, the contractor should be on time and prepared for the meeting.

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If a contractor that lacks punctuality before they are even hired, it may be a strong indicator of what may happen on the job.

A property owner should never have to pay to get an estimate from a roofing contractor. This should be done at no cost and should also involve a period of time for the contractor to figure costs. The contractor should never act hastily in providing a job estimate. This only creates confusion and frustration later in the job if costs change drastically. The contractor should, however, give the potential client a time frame when they will be calling before they leave the job site. This makes certain that there are no unanswered questions or unrealistic expectations.

Finally, a roofing contractor should be able to provide the potential client with a list of satisfied property owners that have utilized their services. Many professional roofers have a developed web site that includes testimonials. Otherwise, a reference list with contact information should be available upon request so potential clients can hear about the experiences of others using the contractor. Most contractors will agree that word-of-mouth is the best advertising available. They are very quick to maintain an updated and high-quality list of satisfied customers for a variety of projects for residential, commercial or even industrial properties.

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