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Buckled asphalt shingles are pieces of roofing material that are no longer lying flat and flush with one another. When the shingles buckle, they create a space through which water, ice and wind can infiltrate the roof's underlayment and wooden decking. When buckled shingles are left alone for an extended period of time, the roof may begin to rot. Because buckled shingles can be difficult to spot from the ground, homeowners should search for this problem by using a pair of binoculars or by contacting some experienced Toledo roofers for a professional inspection.

The primary reason why asphalt shingles buckle is improper ventilation. Today's homes are built to be tight, which is great for energy efficiency but not so good for letting hot air out of the attic. The hot air combines with a bit of moisture to cause buckling of the shingles. Adding ventilation to the attic by way of gable or ridge vents, or a mechanical ventilation system such as a whole house fan, can correct ventilation problems.

Another common cause of buckled shingles is the entrapment of moisture when the roofing is installed. Moisture may become trapped between the underlayment and the shingles, causing them to buckle.

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This is especially common if roofing felt is used as the layer between the decking and shingles. The trapping of moisture can also happen if a new roof is put on during high outdoor humidity levels in the summertime. Hot air holds more water in it than cooler air does. When the temperature cools at night or for the season, the moisture absorbed by the roof decking is released and absorbed by the shingles, resulting in buckled areas.

When a new roof is put into placed, improper spacing of the sheathing may cause buckling of the shingles. The sheathing requires at least 0.125 inch spaces between each piece in order to allow for expansion and contraction during changes of temperature. If the metal does not have the space to expand and contract, it may pop off and allow moisture to infiltrate into the shingles.

If moisture has made its way underneath the asphalt shingles, the homeowners can have ventilation systems put into place. Another repair option is to take the shingles off of the roof and repair the underlayment so that it lays flat. The shingles can then be replaced. If there are only a few buckled shingles, roofers can replace the individually affected pieces. To prevent recurrence, roofers can install a new roof during times of low humidity.

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