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A standard shingle roof may appear simple from afar, but it has intricate details applied during installation. Roofs aren't just one layer of shingles. They must be composed of several different material layers to form a strong waterproof seal. A Sylvania roofing professional can explain these layers during a roof estimation process.

The base for any roof material installation is the deck. Roof decks are simply the plywood attached to the building's rafters, creating the flat surface necessary for shingle installation. Roofers don't apply any materials to the deck until it has been thoroughly inspected. Rot, cracks and pest infestations are easily seen on expose decking, allowing professionals to fix the issues before they deteriorate anymore. Roofing felt is spread across the deck once it's been approved for its stability. Rolls of bitumen felt create the first layer of waterproofing across the roof.

Contractors begin at the roof's eave for shingle installation. They'll lay an entire row of shingles perfectly aligned to one another. The next row is staggered. Roofers cut a 3-tab shingle in half, placing one piece as the edge to the second row.

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This staggering technique allows the shingles to completely cover the roof without any seams or valleys becoming possible water leak locations. Staggering also gives the home a distinct appearance from the curb.

When homeowners look at a standard roof, they won't see all the shingle nails. In fact, each shingle should have up to six nails holding it to the deck. When shingles are overlapped properly, two nails from the row above actually overlap with the lower course. After installation, almost all shingles will have eight nails because of that overlapping technique.

Shingles should extend slightly past the roof's eave. When homeowners look carefully at any roof, the shingles create a protective edge for the eave, fascia and soffit area. As rain falls on the roof, water can't roll continuously across the adjoining wood. The shingle extension forces the water off the roof and into a gutter. Shingles shouldn't extend too far off the structure. Long, dangling shingle edges contribute to leaks at the roof line because moisture can creep below the long extensions.

From the first shingle course to the last nail, roof installation requires extensive education about the building envelope. When homeowners choose among contractors, always select professionals who have both experience and schooling as their background. Proper roof installation protects the entire property from extensive water damage.

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