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Even if homeowners are current on their roof preventive maintenance, a sudden storm can still severely damage the structure. Damage might be so extensive that residents must move to temporary shelter until all repairs can be made. Working with a qualified Sylvania roofing professional gives homeowners some peace of mind, but residents should still have a clear idea of what to expect in these rare instances.

After contacting a roofer with an emergency call, professionals should arrive within 24 hours or even sooner. They must have access to all rooftops and attic spaces to create an accurate estimate. Keep children and pets in other rooms so that roofers can concentrate on their work. An accurate estimate is crucial to start the repair process.

Severely damaged roofs compromise the home's stability, allowing weathering elements into the structure. Although roofers may have placed a tarp across the damaged area, it's preferable for residents to move out until work is completed. Contractors might be waiting on parts or particular personnel, leaving the repair work idle for several days. Remove all critical personal items and valuables from the home. Stay with family, friends or schedule a hotel stay until roofers can make the home livable again.

Work with insurance agents to receive as much coverage as possible.

The expert roofers at Johnson Roofing of Sylvania can assist you with any questions regarding siding or commercial roofing.

Roofers should be in constant contact with adjusters to narrow down coverage and repair possibilities. However, homeowners might need another coverage type: shelter funds. Some insurance policies pay out for hotel charges when they're incurred because of a severely damaged roof. Be aware of all insurance clauses to receive every benefit possible.

Roofers should be contacting homeowners almost daily for updates. When the repairs begin, residents are welcome to watch the process from outside the home. Homeowners can ask questions about the damage and repairs as roofers slowly rebuild the structure. Any issues that arise can be dealt with immediately, so there's no delay of contacting homeowners by phone, for example. Insurance adjusters should also be present for part of the repair to verify coverage. Homeowners can always speak to both professionals to ensure all repairs are completed as requested.

With all roofing elements completely repaired, homeowners should receive paperwork regarding material care and final invoicing. Within that paperwork should be a certificate of compliance. This document simply provides residents with proof of a strong rooftop and possibly some warranty information. Storm damage will appear to have never happened after a quality repair project.

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