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At some point, most homeowners will face the need to repair or replace their roof because of storm damage. Storms can cause everything from a complete blow off to a few missing shingles, hail damage or damage from falling tree limbs. The type of insurance coverage the homeowner has will determine the amount of settlement received from their insurance provider.

After any big storm, it is a good idea for a homeowner to inspect his or her roof. This is the time to look for damages, such as missing shingles, cracked roofing tiles or dents in metal shingles. If there is no sign of damage, cleaning debris from the roof and gutters might be all that is necessary. If the homeowner is concerned about damage, a Sylvania roofing contractor can also inspect the roof and offer an expert appraisal of the roof's condition.

Damage from a storm can range from small dents in the roof to major structural problems. If the roof is damaged in any way following a storm, the homeowner will need to contact their insurance provider as soon as possible.

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No repairs should be started until the homeowner goes through the claims process and gets the go ahead from their insurance company.

The first step in the claims process is to contact the homeowner's insurance company and report the storm damage. The insurance company will have trained adjusters who are knowledgeable about roofing issues. An adjuster will be sent to inspect the roof and determine the amount of the settlement.

It is important for homeowners to have a good understanding of the type of insurance they have, including what is covered and what is not covered. Many homeowners are caught by surprise when they go to file a claim. Additionally, the homeowner will need to pay their deductible prior to the insurance settlement being dispersed.

After the insurance company has made their settlement, a homeowner can begin the process of repairing or replacing his or her roof. Of course, choosing a reputable contractor is extremely important.

After major storms, it is not uncommon for homeowner to be approached by contractors looking to pick up extra work. These contractors might come from neighboring communities or they might be local; however, it is important that the homeowner take the time to thoroughly research any contractor they plan on hiring. This time will be well spent when a homeowner finds a dependable contractor.

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