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A standard rooftop offers a perfect habitat for pests. If roofing materials aren't maintained consistently, this quiet area can be infested with both large and small organisms. Sylvania roofing professionals often discuss roof care and its relationship to possible pest invasions with homeowners. Simple care procedures with qualified contractors make infestations almost impossible on a property.

If homeowners have any exterior wood that has deteriorating paint, pests can invade this area. Fascia board is commonly known to lose paint over time because gutter systems attach to them, creating possible rot and ideal pest conditions. Roofers can remove the gutters, replace the fascia with painted lumber and realign the gutter lengths. Pests, such as termites, cannot get a foothold in perfectly painted wood.

Even if a roof is slated for an entire replacement project, it shouldn't be exposed to the weathering elements for an extended period. When ridge shingles and underlayment are removed, roof decks made of plywood are immediately open to possible pest infestations. Contractors should make it a point to remove and replace materials in sections to prevent long term exposure. Homeowners can verify section replacements by simply watching a day's work. Roofers should work on a roof corner and then move to an adjacent section to repeat the same repair process, for example.

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Tree branches draped across a rooftop may appear romantic and mysterious, but they create pathways for curious pests. From squirrels to ants, these pests use tree branches to explore their world. The roof could be a perfect location away from predators, but pests cause damage across the shingles as they pull and tear at the materials. Prune all tree branches away from the home to remove this pest possibility.

Roof eave undersides or soffits are perfect nesting grounds for birds. Contractors should visit a property at least twice a year to inspect the entire roof system. These preventive maintenance appointments allow professionals to find any bird nests in vents or other crevices. By removing them in a timely manner, pests cannot grow accustomed to a location. They'll eventually find another habitat, leaving roof vents and soffits clear for normal airflow operations.

Homeowners are usually first to know if an infestation is taking place. Be observant about strange sounds or unusual roof appearances from the ground. Contact a roofer to verify any concerns. Catching a pest in the beginning stages of infestation can preserve a roof and reduce repair costs significantly.

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