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When homeowners are preparing for an impeding roofing project, most organization is performed in the yard. Clearing pathways and moving potted plants for workers to access the home is extremely helpful, but there is another location requiring attention. The attic is often a forgotten space, but it's directly below all the roofing activity. Follow a few preparation steps from local Sylvania roofing professionals to prepare the attic appropriately for a smooth installation.

Homeowners should examine the attic themselves well before the roofing project. Using a strong flashlight, note if there are any stains on the walls or support beams. These stains could indicate a leak, requiring extra attention from the roofer. If significant stains are found, contact the professional for another inspection. There may be leaks that must be fixed before all materials and workers enter the home for major installation steps.

Inspect the attic's ceiling to verify if any wires or hoses are attached to the rafters or plywood. Ideally, these hoses and wires need to be removed and installed in a different area. When roofers install the new materials, nails will often puncture through the decking. If a nail punctures a hose or wire, extensive damage could result.

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Contact an appropriate contractor who can move these items properly. Homeowners shouldn't attempt to move them because of potential injury.

Some attics are used as makeshift storage areas. However, roofing installations are messy projects. Broken shingles, felt, dust and debris can make their way into the attic. Any sensitive items left in the attic may be damaged from debris accidentally falling into the space on accident. It's best to move everything out of the attic, providing an open space for roofers. They'll clean up any mess before completing the project.

If the attic is particularly difficult to access, leave the designated ladder attached to it open. When there is no attached ladder, notify the contractor of this fact. They'll use their own tools to work in the attic without any problems. Simply keep all children and pets away from the open attic while roofers work around the location.

Because roofers do need access to the home, discuss these details with the contractor before the work begins. Designate where workers can travel within the structure, such as a front hallway and stairwell. Ask the contractor to put this information in the roofing contract. When roofers understand where they are allowed in a home, there won't be any surprises or frustrations for either party.

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