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Shingles are composed primarily of asphalt, granules and bitumen. They're precisely designed and layered on a rooftop to combat strong weathering forces during their 20 to 30 year lifespan. However, damage does occur to shingles that requires Sylvania roofing professionals' expertise. They must examine and determine the damage extent to create a repair solution that lasts.

At every preventive maintenance appointment, roofers inspect shingles for any hairline cracks. These surface cracks occur over time from sunlight damage or weathering elements. In most cases, hairline cracks are mainly cosmetic. They don't actively allow moisture into the roof deck. However, professionals must keep their eye on these cracks because they can develop into deeper fissures. When cracks deepen, damaged shingles must be replaced.

Moisture is damaging to shingles, especially if it becomes trapped under or within roofing materials. Blistering is the phenomenon where bubbles appear on shingle surfaces. These bubbles are actually water molecules expanding from being heated in the sunlight. Moisture could originate from the shingle itself, which is a definite defect from manufacturing. Water might also be underneath the shingles, trying to evaporate upward and causing blistering. Contractors must replace these shingles to avoid further blistering or cracking.

In contrast, indentations or depressions in shingles indicate hail damage.

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Hail might only be ice particles in larger forms, but hail's velocity is extremely damaging as stones fall to the ground. When they strike a roof, hailstones leave a mark in the form of a hollow. Roofers must determine if these hollows are shallow enough to be left alone. In severe cases, shingles should be replaced to reduce any leak occurrences through cracked depressions.

Any area prone to high winds will see some property damage. Shingles are secured with nails but also have layered ends that can be pulled up with consistent wind updrafts. Homeowners might look for curled shingle ends, indicating wind damage. This curling doesn't correct itself but actually allows moisture under its attachment point. Contact roofers immediately to repair these shingles. Insurance claims might be possible for these damage types.

As contractors replace or repair damaged shingles, homeowners may be concerned about shingle overhang. Part of the shingles should hang over the roof's edge. They provide surface area for rainwater to flow into nearby gutters. If the roof edge appears unusual after contractors make repairs, ask for clarification from the onsite supervisor. There may be special conditions requiring extra overhang to protect the home.

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