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Concerns about overflowing landfills and atmospheric emissions prompts many homeowners to look for greener strategies when replacing a rooftop. Homeowners need to find a Sylvania roofing professional with the same environmental concerns. There are specific features a roofing contractor must have to truly be environmentally responsible.

A major green attribute of any responsible contractor is recycling shingles. There are dozens of shingles on just one building alone, depending on the structure's size. When contractors simply discard the old materials, landfills are quickly filled as each job produces more waste. Local recyclers can take old shingles and convert them into usable roadway materials. There's no need to fill landfills or create more products from raw materials when recycling shingles. Contractors simply take their load over to the recycling company to start the Earth friendly practice.

Roofers must use heavy duty vehicles to bring workers, materials and tools to a job site. These vehicles commonly use diesel as fuel, but there are alternatives slowly being adopted by roofers. Hybrid or biofuel vehicles are viable options, allowing contractors to reduce emissions into the atmosphere with each service call. Vehicle maintenance is also an important factor.

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Ask contractors if they service their fleet on a regular basis. Vehicles running smoothly don't emit as many harmful gases as neglected trucks.

Look for roofers who also give back to the community. Some companies are solely concentrated on work and profits. Roofers can work for nonprofit agencies, such as Habitat for Humanity, with materials and time contributed to good causes. These businesses are aware of community needs, giving them a better outlook on overall customer desires. Being environmentally responsible also includes community awareness.

Contractors should also have responsible cleanup procedures in place. Although this concept may not appear to be an environmentally conscious one, thorough cleanups prevent materials from flowing into storm drains or accidentally filling landfills. At the end of each work day, roofers should remove all waste and recycle or discard it as necessary to preserve the immediate environment.

As homeowners decide on a particular roofing contractor, they should also thoroughly research replacement materials. Roof lifespan also plays a part in an eco friendly installation. When materials can last several more decades than another product, an investment in tougher roofing is a smart one. Metal roofing, for instance, typically boasts a long lifespan and is fully recyclable. Homeowners eventually save money and help the Earth with a long lasting rooftop.

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