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There are benefits to hiring a single contractor to perform repairs to a home. Some types of repair are related by the way that they function on the home. For example, both roofs and siding serve to keep water, heat and cold out of the home. The installation and repair of roofing and siding is similar. Installing replacement windows requires the same sort of expertise that is used to keep water from breaching roofing penetrations such as vents and skylights. For this reason, many Sylvania roofing companies offer siding and window services along with traditional roofing services.

One of the greatest benefits of using one contractor for all of a home's maintenance and repairs is that a relationship is formed between the contractor and the homeowner. Instead of going through the hassle and uncertainty of finding and hiring a new contractor every time a repair is needed, homeowners can call the company they have come to trust and who knows the repair and maintenance history of their home.

Another advantage of hiring multi purpose contractors is that they understand the way that each part of the home works with the other parts. For this reason, they can often more accurately diagnose a problem and its source, rather than simply quoting a price to repair the immediately obvious problem, only to have the problem resurface later.

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For example, a siding contractor may only note that the siding is rotten and offer to replace the rotten siding. A contractor who does both roofing and siding will see that the rotting siding had its genesis in the improperly hung gutters that allowed rainwater to overspill the gutter and run down the home's siding. This contractor will give an estimate that includes the gutter and the siding repair, giving homeowners a comprehensive cost picture. The problem and its source are addressed by the multipurpose contractor, saving homeowners hassle and money.

Finally, in a situation where the home needs more than one service at the same time, hiring one contractor to install the roofing, siding and windows expedites the work when compared to single purpose contractors. This is because the crews have experience working with each other and around each other's schedules. These multipurpose roofing companies are adept at scheduling the work in such a way that the job is completed quickly and efficiently, getting the home back to normal and the homeowners back in their home in no time.

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