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The median age for Ohio homes is right at 25 years, which also happens to be the average lifespan of a good asphalt shingle roof. This fact serves to highlight how common it is in the local area for homeowners to find themselves in need of new roofing from a Perrysburg roofing contractor.

One of the first decisions to be made when in need of a new roofing membrane, besides material type and contractor, is the choice between recovery and tear off. Each option has both advantages and disadvantages worth considering.

The main advantage of recovery roofing is the immediate savings. A quicker job with less mess and disruption of daily life is also in its favor. In some situations, however, recovery is not a cost effective or even viable option. An experienced roofer will know when each option is best. He or she can give an honest, upfront assessment.

If the old shingles are beginning to curl or deteriorate, or if the roof already is buried beneath multiple layers, it is not advisable to go the recovery route. If mold, mildew, rot or water damage are visible, one should not opt for recovery.

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When heat rising from the home's interior gets trapped inside the multiple shingle layers, it can cause shingle curling and breakage. If new shingles are simply laid on top, the poor condition of the lower layers will affect the appearance of the upper layer.

If tear off is chosen, there will be the opportunity to fully examine the roof decking for damage and to repair it. New flashing, caulk, tar and underlayment can all be applied. This is also an opportunity to consider upgrading from felt to synthetic underlayment, but a homeowner should ask his or her roofer for more details in that regard. Damage prone zones like valleys, chimneys and eaves need to be inspected especially carefully. A home's resale value will increase not only because new roofing is present but also based on there being fewer layers of shingles on the roof.

It is true that recovery can save money in the short term and is sometimes worth it, but more layers will have to be removed when the time finally comes for a tear off job. To that extent, recovery roofing merely delays rather than eliminates expenses. A tear off will generally outlast a recovery job by a few years, and it will be easier to find any leaks that later develop if the roof has fewer layers.

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