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Today's homeowners have many choices when it comes to roofing their home. Advances in roofing materials engineering have produced products that can last for several decades without sacrificing architectural interest or beauty. Homeowners who are interested in these newer materials can consult an experienced Perrysburg roofing contractor.

Metal tile roofing is a new way to use a traditional roofing material. The use of metal as a roofing material goes back centuries to when churches and cathedrals were roofed with copper and lead. Today, manufacturers take steel that has been coated in various materials to prevent corrosion and roll, bend or stamp them to look like other types of tile or shingles. Popular styles include Spanish tile and slate. Roofs made of metal tile offer many advantages. They are fireproof, which could lower a homeowner's insurance premiums. They are also impact resistant, an important property for any roof in an area that experiences hail producing thunderstorms. Some people report problems receiving cellphone signals with a metal roof, but this has not been verified.

Fiber cement roofing products are also an engineered product that is transforming the way that people think about their roofs. Fiber cement is made by mixing Portland cement with sand, fibers and paint or other chemicals.

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The fibers chosen determine the strength and thickness of the plank. The planks are layered together for strength and texture and then cut into shingles. Fiber cement shingles can be designed to look like shakes or slate. Like metal fiber cement will not burn. Depending on the strength and flexibility of the shingle, it may not be very impact resistant. Homeowners who live in hail prone areas and who are looking for fiber cement shingles should look for those that are made with fiberglass strands.

Recycled tires are made into a variety of products, including roofing tiles. These tiles are made by melting the rubber and molding it in the shape of shakes and slates. This roofing material is relatively new on the market, so homeowners may not be able to find others who they can ask about their rubber roof experiences. They are highly impact resistant and come with a 50 year warranty. Unfortunately, since they are made from recycled tires, they only come in one color: black.

People who choose metal, fiber cement and rubber roofing are often interested in the green properties of their roofs. Each of the three materials mentioned here is environmentally friendly in its own way. Each of them is made from a very sustainable resource. Metal and rubber roofing can be recycled after they have outlived their usefulness as roofing materials.

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