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Perrysburg Roofing: Article About Benefits Of Electrical Capacitance Roof Testing

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Moisture damage is one of the rooftop's biggest dangers. It can have a negative effect on the shingles, the deck and even on the home itself if it is left untreated for too long. All moisture damage manifests itself in visible signs along the home's surface, but what many homeowners do not know is that it is possible to spot moisture before it takes on any immediate form of damage. Individuals can invest in a formal moisture survey in order to perform an in depth scan of their roofing system. There are many different methods of conducting such a survey, including the electrical capacitance test, which can be a great way to spot early moisture deep within the roof. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to contact their local Perrysburg roofing specialists to see how the electrical capacitance survey can be advantageous over other testing methods.

This type of testing uses an electrical field to determine the general moisture content in a rooftop's membrane assembly. This field is created along the entire roof, and a sensor will read the strength of the field when the kit's meter is set over the roof's membrane.

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Usually, the field's strength and the sensor's sensitivity can all be changed to a different standard in order to provide homeowners with more accurate results on the reading. Though different types of equipment will provide results with varying degrees of accuracy, performing the appropriate calibrations is always crucial.

Unlike other testing methods, this one is designed to locate areas that have elevated moisture content instead of documenting specific sections of a membrane breach. Homeowners will be able to tell that there is a problem, and they will be able to determine where the problem is. This method of testing is ideal for larger properties where the presence of a problem can be detected early before more in depth measures are taken.

Because of how quickly the test can be performed, individuals will be able to notice any issues after the test's conclusion. From there, they can collaborate with the roofing professionals to determine if more testing needs to be done. One of the test's disadvantages is that it is not very exact when it comes to determining the nature of the moisture situation. However, because of its encompassing nature, it is recommended to have this moisture survey performed roughly once every five years to spot the appearance of moisture in an advanced roofing system before it grows into a major problem.

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