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Slate roofs are considered to be the most durable material to install on residential and commercial buildings. The tiles are constructed out of natural rock and work to insulate the interior setting due to their heavy weight. For those who want to protect the roof from damage and increase the lifespan of the structure, there are a few important tips to follow with the help of Toledo roofers.

An annual inspection should be performed in the spring season by looking for areas that were damaged during the winter months. This will also help to prep the roof for the rest of the year and protect it from high temperatures that will arrive in the summer.

A common repair that is often needed on slate roofs is fixing chipped or cracked edges on the tiles due to large trees that are planted nearby. Hire a professional slater to repair the tiles to restore the material and avoid leaks or larger cracks from forming.

The flashing is another component that may need to be repaired, especially when the material has turned black. Paint galvanized steel to prevent rust from forming on the flashings to ensure that the product lasts up to 20 years.

The chimney is an important feature that also needs to be maintained on slate roofs by inspecting the bricks and joints that are installed.

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The mortar may need to be reapplied in areas where it's broken off. Leaks may also be present on the chimneys and should be repaired immediately. The feature should be properly lined to ensure that it can vent a furnace.

The gutters and downspouts also need to be maintained to ensure that there's enough water drainage on the slate roof. Box gutters or hanging gutters may need to be reinstalled with each requiring different levels of care. Galvanized gutters will need to be painted regularly to prevent rust from forming. Check the gutters regularly to ensure that the solder seams are still in good condition.

The fasteners that are used to secure the tiles to the deck should also be inspected to ensure that they haven't lifted. Copper and steel nails are often used but can cause the tiles to fall off if they are no longer secure.

Homeowners can look for moisture staining that has occurred on rafters and sheathing in the building. Wood rot may be present if leaks have developed and will require that the tiles are removed to repair the damage.

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