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While it's a great idea to schedule professional roof inspections, homeowners shouldn't just rely on any average Toledo roofers to ensure that their roofs are problem-free. Instead, perform a do-it-yourself inspection once before fall and again before spring.

Examining your roof doesn't mean you have to get on the roof. Most serious problems can be seen from the ground, so simply walk around your entire property with an eye on the roof. You can also use a stepladder or even binoculars, which can help you see obscured areas and get an up-close look.

The main problem you should be looking for is shingle damage. Missing or torn shingles are obvious problems, but also watch for shingles that have shifted or are curling. Examine all flashing as well. Metal should be rust free, and if silicone or another material has been used to close seams, look for sealant that's withering, peeling away or missing altogether.

An easy problem to spot is organic matter, such as pine needles, collecting in piles. This is common at inward corners and wherever the roof is relatively flat. These dirt piles are breeding grounds for moisture that can stain a roof and even eventually compromise flashing, shingles and other roof features.

Look at the trees near your home that are taller than the roof and note how they're growing.

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Branches tend to grow toward open spaces as they seek sunlight, so branches overhanging the home are common and also a cause for concern. These branches drop most of the organic matter that collects on a roof. They also provide access to animals who can do damage, and the branches themselves can do damage if they break and fall during a storm.

You'll also want to inspect your gutters and downspouts, which will require getting on a ladder. This is also a good time to clean them out and wipe down the exteriors. Make sure the downspouts are clear. If you're unsure, running a hose through the gutter will highlight any problems.

Finally, go into your attic. This is a step that many homeowners overlook, but it's very important. The underside of your roof will tell you a lot about its overall condition. Review the overall condition of insulation, vents and other roof features. Pay particular attention for signs of moisture. A lot of moisture indicates a leak, but a small amount may indicate a ventilation problem that can be easily fixed with an extra attic or soffit vent or two.

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