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One thing that keeps many Toledo roofers busy during spring involves repairing hail damage. While roofing contractors are flooded with calls immediately following a hailstorm, many other homeowners may not realize their damage for weeks or months afterward. Inspecting the roof immediately following a hailstorm is recommended to prevent even greater structural problems from happening. Here are some telltale signs that might indicate a roof has suffered hail damage.

One of the most obvious signs occurs whenever there is damage to the metal flashing or roof vents. Metal pieces may appear broken or contain cracks due to the force of the hail. Roof vents are often visibly damaged and may look as though they have had rocks thrown at them. Flashing located in the valley of a roof may no longer whisk water down it but instead cause water to pool in certain areas.

A simple check of the gutters may provide more evidence that hail damage has occurred. One of the biggest signs is an excess amount of granules. Roofs with an extreme amount of damage may produce a layer of granules that completely cover the bottom of the gutter.

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There may be paint flakes or chips present if the roof also contained painted metal flashing.

Damage to the chimney cap is also very common. The most likely area where damage may occur is the top of the cap, which may appear crushed. Screens along the side of the chimney cap could contain holes, dents, or dings or have sections that are completely missing.

Climbing onto the roof may reveal even more damage that is not apparently visible from the ground. The ridge cap receives the greatest impact and is therefore one of the first areas to show signs of damage. A ridge cap may be dented in certain areas or could even be missing altogether if high winds were also present.

The shingles on either side of a roof's slope should be inspected as well. Homeowners should check for noticeable dents or dings that would indicate hailstones had hit. In some cases, shingles may contain cracks or have corners that are completely missing as well.

Inspecting a roof after a hailstorm is something any homeowner can and should do. If damage is discovered, an individual should first contact his or her insurance company to initiate the claims process. Only then will a reliable roofing contractor be able to begin repairing the damage.

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