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Toledo Roofers: Article About Comparing Pitched Roofs To Flat Roofs

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Whether you are building a new home or simply updating the look of your home, the roof is an important component. Not only does the roof protect the home itself, but it also can increase the value of your home by improving its structural integrity and curb appeal. However, there are two main types of roofs to choose from: pitched roofs and flat roofs. The choice you make depends on what your home was built to support, your home's needs and the look you want for your home. If you have the option of choosing one over the other, turn to experienced Toledo roofers for help.

Pitched roofs have a number of advantages over flat roofs. Roofs that have a pitch are often more visually attractive depending on the type of home that you have. Because the rooftop can be seen from the ground, this also makes it much easier to do routine visual inspections from the ground without having to get up on the roof. This allows you to quickly spot any potential problems with missing or broken shingles, corroded flashing or stained soffits and fascia and then get professional help.

Pitched roofs also tend to last longer as the materials used on these types of roofs are often made from materials that are more durable.

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They are designed to throw water off, so there are no pools of water causing damage to the roofing materials once a storm ends.

On the other hand, flat roofs do have some advantages that pitched roofs do not. It is true that flat roofs often require more maintenance than roofs that have a pitch; however, it is much safer to inspect flat roofs and provide the maintenance that they need. Because they can be maintained more easily, the roofing materials are often cheaper depending on what those materials are made out of. They can be practical options if you live in an area that does not receive much rain or if you live in a smaller home. In some cases, flat roofs can even be turned into an additional living space that you and your family can enjoy.

Ultimately, the choice of roof that you want to install on your home is yours. However, it is highly recommended that you discuss your thoughts about your roofing options with your trusted roofer. They will determine what your home's needs are and if your wants can be feasibly met.

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